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Ceremorphosis by Proceed On Your Way To Oblivion

Another debut album, another review! These are the reviews I enjoy the most as these bands don’t have a whole catalog for people to compare, and usually they come out swinging so it makes as big of a splash as possible. Well, for Proceed On Your Way To Oblivion, it’s more like getting hit by […]

Review: Convergence by Miscreance

Just when I think I’ve heard of most the subgenres of metal, I come across a something that I haven’t heard before. While I’ve heard and listened to death-thrash before, I have never listened to technical death metal and thrash put together before. Well that was true until I listened to the full-length debut album […]

Review: Loud Arriver by Sonja

It seems that once again another amazing debut album has been released to the masses from Philadelphia, PA. The first debut album I reviewed from this city was Fateweaver by Empress (go check it out!), and now I have the pleasure to review Loud Arriver by Sonja. Let’s get to it! Sonja was formed by […]

Patient Number Nine by Ozzy Osbourne

Yet another legendary act released an album this year! This time it comes from the Prince of Darkness himself: Ozzy Osbourne. Patient Number Nine is the THIRTEENTH studio album released by Ozzy. That’s quite the discography, and that doesn’t even include his tenure as the lead singer of Black Sabbath. With such a long list […]


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